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Full Version: Admin access panel in the index page
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For a comfy question, I just copied the admin access panel (part of the content of in the index page of my GS site.

Any advice about this ?
I do not understand your question ;=)

what means "comfy"?

if you did something, why you want advice?
what are the reasons for that?
Ciao Miss Connie,
first of all thanks for replying me.
for "Comfy", I mean a practical way to connect to my site
I will send my site so you will understand better. Ty
well, do you use multi-user-functionality with the multi-user-plugin or is there only one user working with the system?

If only one user, I would place a link to the admin-login-page in the footer for example
if there are more users, you could use the front-end-user-login plugin, see here; for example
Yes I use multi-user-plugin, so other people can add news; and It works fine. The admin area that you see in the right column is taken from the official GS admin-login-page. I just would like to know if it is dangerous or not (I tried with front-end-user-login but I would avoid to add other plugins to my site)
Thanks for ur help