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Full Version: SimpleMin640
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I was looking for a theme with the Nav in the sidebar and found the SimpleMin Theme. Unfortunately there was some stuff missing from it (like the Nav) so I have made sure it is all there and tidied it up.

It was fixed width at 700 px. I reduced the width to just under 640 px so it should work as is on an iphone screen.

The css is very short and easy to follow. You could make a good site with this I think. I put in the css for the images as in the link below so if you wanted to head individual pages with different images just put them in the page content inline with width 100%

The original template is here:

The new GS version is here:

I think to reduce a website to 640 because of iphone screen resolution is not so very clever..
Happily we have better monitors now with bigger resolution, why should we go back? Maybe to green letters on black 4background? (just joking)

your way to do this is offering all comfort because of one proprietary brand
I think a good website has more visitors without iphone readers than vice-versa;=)

why not use a responsive layout? That is a real solution ;=)

Just my 5 cents but I do not want to scroll down meterlong websites because the layouter decided to layout for iphones... ;=)
Well done Connie for volunteering to go through all the rubbish old themes in extend and make them responsive.

I too remember green letters on a black background. CP/Mplus in my case. Never did learn to use it properly.

I wrote my remarks about the theme which you modified to a narrow 640-width not about the project to update all themes...

but if you work on a theme, why not better it and make it responsible?

Cheers, Connie