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Full Version: Crowdsourcing language translations
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I have created a repo on github for language files for getsimple.

This way we can take advantage of the social coding for them.

If you author a lang file and want us to add it, let us know.
Then anyone can fork the project and contribute to the translations.

If one is requested , we can add the file and let people work on it in their free time.

Github also has its own web based editor, so you can make changes right I your browser with no special SVN or authoring knowledge or skills.
I also invite language translation owners to contribute their lang files. Any attribution or credit to you will remain in the files, or provide a open license with it.
What about using some online translation platform like or ?
(2013-03-14, 01:41:46)Beluga Wrote: [ -> ]What about using some online translation platform like or ?

There was already a thread about transifex with no conclusion.

I wrote a proposal about its use in the wiki and the Translate plugin supports uploading to and downloading from transifex.
It is neat, but might be overkill for us. I was unaware of the translate plugin , very nice.
From my own experience with app translation, there are always problems with technical phrases.
Most of one-time traductors tend to open a translation file, and translate the phrases/words literally.
This might look funny after launchning translated file in an app, but for real it becomes a tragedy for a normal user.
Example in latest phpmyadmin, where deleting a record, opens up an alert with something like: "you are going to DESTROY DATABASE". For the first time i was like "WTF!?"

Some folks adjust phrases during translation to language specific words, and sentences, as some of them are just not being commonly used, or are recondite for a non-techie people. And then a new guy comes right in the middle of adjustments, and screws everything because he knows what's better.
That's why I'm somewhat against translations of some apps by a group of people as long, as the main/first traductor is active and maintains translation up to date.

From the other hand, I could wonder a bit if all this mess with crowdtranslation is needed, if nobody even started to fork translation files, nor brought up a problem like "this/that word/sentence should sound different" / "I don't understand the meaning of" etc. in respective language
Translations by actual users in context are much better, I agree.
Otherwise we could just do a word for word translate.

Also I notice out i18n does not support plural syntax, does it ?
I feel you should treat bad quality translations case by case, not just flat out assume a translation platform will lead to them. You can choose to not release any languages that have not been reviewed in-GUI. The main/first translator can just as well do bad work.
We could throw the request for .de on there and see how well it matches our existing one.

I would also like to have 5 default languages installed in core for install terms at least.
I added the last 3 versions of default en_US

You can keep track of lang changes, please add your languages.
I did some translations in the last years
but I am not Github-savy and I do not understand this system and have other priorities

so what? Should I stop to do translations?

I do not know.
"If you author a lang file and want us to add it, let us know."

The point of github is anyone can click edit and fix up or add missing translations, or click new file and add a new language and copy the default in and start translating it, it can be done a little at a time, by anyone that wants to ( thats what crowdsource means ), and it has full revision history so admins can revert or merge and keep track of changes and things that need adding.

There is no download, hosting, local editor hassle. Its all right there all the time.

You don't have to do anything. But I would like to get some languages in there, if anyone wants to donate theirs, we will stick their attribution in the file so they get credit, and then people can keep it updated for new releases.

This will also let us track authors and if we want to add more default languages to core, we can credit them.

If anyone want to argue over the semantics of a string , they can create an issue and discuss it until there is a consensus, then the fix can be tied to the discussion.

Just trying to get language source controlled like code is, for the betterment of everyone.

Maybe someone can create a guide.

I can add in requested languages also, into a new branch and then when its done move it into a stable branch, so in progress files are kept seperate.
This is useful!
I really like how you people are putting it p;us the resources!
Will not get stuck again.
Yes, hopefully we will not get stuck again.