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Full Version: editing a site in Android OS?
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Has anyone tried the editor in an Android environment? I usually use Mac OS X or Windows XP. Soon, however, I will have the use of an Android phone docked with keyboard and monitor.

Don't see any reason that it shouldn't work, and I could just wait and find out, but curious to see what others have experienced as I wait for the dock to arrive.


As far as I know the current version of CKeditor is not optimsed for touch..
yes just confirmed CkEditor will not work with Android/IOS on the current released version.

CKeditor 4 which we hope to have included in 3.3/4.0 onwards will have support.

See the CkEditor forums for more info...
And hopefully the ability to plugin whatever editor you want.
There are some really nice lightweight html 5 ones out there. Also simple markdown editors would be nice.
(2013-01-30, 07:47:18)shawn_a Wrote: [ rel="nofollow" -> ]Also simple markdown editors would be nice.

Ages ago I had almost finished a plugin to let you use markdown when the rich editor is disabled. I'll look for it.
The problem with markdown, is do you convert it, do you save the markdown somewhere else, how do you keep the content from getting full of non semantic code, that only works with that editor.

I had this problem with drupal, evey editor added editor specific crap, god forbid you changed your editor, your content was shot, and almost unrecoverable.

At least markdown can always be ran through a converter always. It even degrades nicely to text.
Attached experimental plugin. Uses markdown.php and markdownify.php (both included)

More than likely needs some polishing, but you get the idea...

Disable wysiwyg editor to enable md. Backup your pages just in case...
Has an online editor ever been created that behaves like a standard html editor with no what you see is what you get just a normal colored html editor with maybe even auto tag completion. I spend 99% of my time in code view and rarely look at the wysiwig and was just wondering about that.

Similar to when you edit a theme from the admin just with some form of code hinting integrated no toolbars, buttons or anything like that just code havent came across anything like that yet.

Probably sounds better in thought than in implementation.
I think that would be a cool feature. Ace is probably something like what you have in mind?
Like the theme editor?
ace doesn't support mobile devices, yet.
I think ckeditor 4 does.