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Full Version: multiple installs
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I have 60 sites that are in the format "", so we have,,, and so on. We want to do away with unique domains and change to "", "", "" and so on.

Each website is a 4-page site, and all 60 of these sites use identical templates. Would you install 60 *instances* of GetSimple CMS, or does this go beyond the intent of what you meant accomplish with GetSimple CMS?

As an aside, we would like to use Active Directory to store user credentials.
probably a little ambitious for GS but of course it can probably be done.
This thread has given me a bit of encouragement, as well:

Also, here is one of the 60 dealer websites that are updated *maybe* once or twice over a 6-month period:

This dealership's website will be reduced to a 4-page website, but with (hopefully!) much more frequent updates. With a nice CMS like GetSimple CMS, our local office manager would be able to update their site easier and more often.

Shawn, in what way would you anticipate my suggested use of GetSimple CMS to be ambitious? The dealer websites get about 20,000 page views per month, and that's across all 60 sites. No commerce, no web apps, no real interactivity.
Well trying to run 60 concurrent installs and manage them.
Obviously you would want to find a way to bridge them all using 1 core and possible conditional paths for data folders.
I apologize for sounding a bit accusatory, Shawn, as I appreciate your response. 60 websites are a maintenance drag, to be sure, and your perspective is well taken.

The takeaway is to structure the sites such that there isn't any unnecessary duplication. Drawing upon a database to build a web page on the fly is fine for a lot of websites, but I see GetSimple CMS as a little more of a REST-ful solution. I mean, are there any conditions under which where GetSimple would be unable to "connect" with the xml file?
OK, I think I have an idea that would work and make GetSimple do what you want to do. However, question: would you be OK with one admin panel to manage everything, or would you need a seperate admin panel for each site?
dynamic data path, I already said it.
Thanks for your responses shovenose and Shawn. I'm fine with a single admin panel to administer all 60 sites, as I don't really want to manage all of the user logins. Currently, one person manages the content of all 60 sites, and while I can see the benefit in creating 60 admins for local dealer content, I don't think that I'll ever get 60 people onboard to help maintain content. We have too much turnover at our dealerships to ensure that 60 qualified individuals will always be focused on site maintenance.

I follow the dynamic data path in principal, but I must admit that I don't know how to implement it. It sounds like it would be carried out in php or in .htaccess. I apologize if I'm glossing over an obvious solution already within GetSimple CMS.
I think gs data path is a define, you ou cannot change it on the fly. You would have to modify common to change this path via some querystring or preferable a
Session variable and have a form to switch it. Also identify any code that is not properly using the definition path.