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Full Version: Server Setup non-Apache (3.2.0)
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I just got the latest version 3.2.0 installed. And get the following error, "Server Setup non-Apache".

Server Setup on healt-check page.
  • PHP Version 5.3.10 - OK
  • cURL Module Installed - OK
  • GD Library Installed - OK
  • ZipArchive Installed - OK
  • SimpleXML Module Installed - OK
  • Apache web server NOYB - Error

On each page, I get a red banner with the warning "Server Setup non-Apache".
How can I fix that?
in GSCONFIG.PHP uncomment the line.

#define('GSNOAPACHECHECK', true);
(2013-02-20, 00:28:39)n00dles101 Wrote: [ -> ]in GSCONFIG.PHP uncomment the line.

#define('GSNOAPACHECHECK', true);

Thanks, the red banner is gone.
Will it cause no problems when I do not use Apache?
Think you might be on apache, mod_security is just hiding the version (noyb = none of your business) or else it was compiled that way on your host...
noyb = none of your business 8)
Hi Guys.. Im do the uncommnet of the line #define('GSNOAPACHECHECK', true); but the error message is still there... Im Using SpeedLite server... any help ?