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Full Version: SURVEY:Number of Pages being Managed by GS
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I know GS was meant for small business sites, but I'd love to get a quick check on the number of pages GS can handle without any performance issues, even though I know this may depend on the type of hosting you've signed up for.
Basically can GS handle huge no. pages without problems?

Maybe a quick formated reply:

(Shared Server, Dedicated Server) / (no. of pages) / (fast , slow , no problems, page load average under 2 seconds, etc.)


Shared Server / 600 pages / no problems

Thank you ahead of time,

shared / 23 / no problems (
I have about 7 current GS installs all without problems. I think the largest site has 40 pages.

3 sites using GS, with 16, 15 and 35 pages...all is working well !

1 site contain ~60 pages. Works fine . Rolleyes
I am considering attempting to find the max later on. I will just create as many pages as I can and see what happens. I will report back with my findings.