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Full Version: Multilanguage news
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Hello all,
for a multilanguage website I'm currently developing, I would need of a news (blog) system able to present on a father page (let's call it "news"), titles and excerpts of the news added, with link to the full article.
The problem is that each and every news is published in three languages and therefore the three father pages (one for each language) should list only the news written in the corresponding language.
Furthermore, since every news goes with a picture, it would be important to be able to extract a thumbnail (or the full image, and the thumbnail can be made via css, of course...) from the full article and present it together with title and excerpt.
For the translation I'm using the 'I18N' plugin, while I tried to achieve what's above with several other plugins (I18N special pages, I18N search, News Manager, etc.) but none of them did the job.
Well, since they are all very powerful plugins, and reading from the various threads I'm pretty sure that they can achieve the target, it is way more possible that the fault is due to my very poor php knowledge.
Any hint or help in this direction it is greatly appreciated.
Thank You