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Full Version: Responsive Innovation
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Experimenting with the Skeleton css still. I have made the default GetSimple Innovation theme responsive.

I have been testing it out thismorning on the server where I have some theme demos so this is now the ResponsiveInnovation demo page;

Where you have images in your pages you will need to set the dimensions to percentages to make them fluid and scaleable.

I know it might be heresy but try it, you might like it.
Uploading to Extend
Heresy? GS should be bundled with it!

If you have some spare time... (or someone else)
I suggest responsivizing Cardinal and the nice old GS default theme (though I'd change the sidebar background to grey or something).
I only found a small issue with Shawn's Admin Toolbar, it is not displayed properly (too much height)
Yeah my toolbar is not responsive. Create an issue for it, or fork it.
I mean even with normal desktop sizes (1024px wide)
[attachment=133]I installed the Admin toolbar to have a look but I don't see any problem
I checked again. It happens to me in Firefox with javascript disabled (or NoScript).
If enabled, it's ok.
hah I am surprised it even works with js disabled. I did good.