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Full Version: Edit Logo
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I am new to this CMS and I just installed the Summit theme. How do I edit the logo? What I am calling the logo is the text directly above the Picture. In the example photo for the Summit theme it says Summit.[Image: screenshot.png]
I looked at the code. osdesk did it right when they made this theme. That is the website name showing and is edited through Settings in Admin.
How did you not notice it was our sitename?
I moved this post to the correct forum section, as this question is not a general question, it is related to the theme ...

Cheers, Connie
It is confusing that entry.

From a user's point of view the stuff which actually appears on your pages should maybe be in one place. ATM there is Pages and Page Options in one place, Components somewhere else and the Site Name somewhere else again.
I understand it is the site name. The problem is that it does not show the way I want it to. As an example let's say my site name is "Demo CMS" it is showing up as "demo cms". It isn't pulling the upper case letters and honestly I don't even want it there but if it has to be I would at least like it to look the way I want it.

I found out how to delete the logo. I went into the theme/header settings and deleted this line. (<h1><a href="<?php get_site_url(); ?>" id="logo" ><?php get_site_name(); ?></a></h1>)

I still don't know how to make the first letter of each word upper case.
Most browsers have in them or in a plugin the ability to show how the display of page elements is determined. In my case I open the summit page in Firefox, right click the 'logo', choose Inspect Element and I get loads of info, including

style.css line 81
#logo h1 {
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 0px;
    text-transform: lowercase;
    font-size: 3.8em;
    color: #323030;
Yes I just found that as well. Thank you for your reply.