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Full Version: ckeditor plugin authors
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Does anyone know how to make ckeditor plugins ?

I am interested in adding a ckeditor plugin or easier, just adding a button to insert components/snippets etc into pages, it would be gs shortcode button essentially.

Any volunteers want to contribute ?
there is a plugin for that: it is called "template" already

if you check that plugin you will see that it is easy to define snippets which will be entered in the content

see here, although it is in german, you will see what has to be done:
This would be for shortcode insertion not actual templates or content.

all plugins have the same structure, see here;!/guide/plugin_sdk_intro

cheers, Connie
Sorry I am looking for someone to make this for us. Maybe I was not clear on that.
Found this, works pretty well. just need to find a way to include our components into the JS array.