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Full Version: [Help-Solved] Main page is perfect, other pages are off
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Hi all!
I'm working on a small website for a client of mine.
I designed and coded it for their purposes..
Now, I coded the theme (my own theme..) and based myself on the main page, the "index" page.
The problem is when I make a new page - that page will be off..
I don't know how to explain this so see for yourselves:
Main page:
Other Page:

How should I fix that?

Due to 29/03 site is temporarily offline
in 4 hours since edit (13:00 forum time) the website will be up

Site is back online! (settings up permissions and fixing little issues)
The problem wasn't solved yet...


Problem Solved!
The work with relative and absolute URLs is a mess with GS;
- I used './images/' which sometimes went to root and then images,
and sometimes went to template's directory and then images.
I replaced all absolute and relative URLs with full URL (www.) and it now works just fine ^_^

Can someone direct me to a tutorial about URL types, uses and examples?
I visited your site and your server is up and working
but it seems that you are violating their terms of service (so try to follow them).
After all, what do you expect from a totally free service? Smile
Good Luck
You got in while it was offline XD The domain wasn't set up right and thus breaking rules..
Now it is set up right and Permissions are set in background (all to 0755...)
Just so you'll know when it's my website: The website is in Hebrew, blue design..