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Full Version: Need a SLASH "/" in slug
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I need to replicate an old (joomla) website into Get simple and the URLS must be the same as the old website. (for SEO reasons)

The URLS's follow the structure of the dropdown menu.
etc etc

I have Fancy URLS ticked and %slug% as my permalink structure.

The easiest option is to have (for example) "gallery/photo" in the CUSTOM URL box but it strips the "Slash".

Is there anyway to fix this by either allowing the "/" in the customer URL or by some other way.

If you only need 2 levels like in your examples, you can create a page with slug gallery, then create pages photo and video and assign them gallery as parent.
Same for the others: both 2br-apartment and 3br-apartment would have accommodation as parent page.

And of course, use %parent%/%slug% as custom permalink structure.

(The problem would be if you want to have several different pages with the same slug.)
Thanks Carlos. That's PERFECT. All slugs are unique.

Screwed up some relative links now though but that is a seperate issue Smile