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Full Version: Blog feed from Blogger
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I am taking over a site for redesign and updating. My client is not particularly tech savvy but is perfectly familiar and competent with the Blogger blog she uses which is displayed on her website I think by feedburner and buzzboost. she will want to stick with the blog tool she knows.

Am I right that feedburner and buzzboost is the way it is done? Does it work in GetSimple? Has anyone here integrated a Blogger blog into GetSimple? any guidance?
I have not seen a decent rss feed plugin.
Not a great plugin, but may do the trick:
Thank you both. I haven't tried a plugin yet. I have had a go at feedburner and buzzboost and it just works fine, so no problem really. I am not that familiar with the workings but iiuc buzzboost converts the feed to html and I just pasted the code into the page. There are instructions for styling with css but I haven't tried that yet.

The test blog page is here: