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Full Version: Integrate with existing site
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We're working with GetSimple in the hopes that we can use it to be a CMS for an existing website that we have setup. I tried uploading our existing html pages into the main GetSimple installation folder but GetSimple doesn't see these files or give me control to edit them. Is there another way that we need to go about this? Any help would be very appreciated.

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That is not how a cms works. You have to put the content into the cms.

GetSimple is a contentmanager but not a directory lister
please study the structure of getsimple and try to understand its structure

if you want to keep your file names and integrate everything into a CMS, here: GetSimple, you should do these steps:

1) install GetSimple
2) create pages in the same structure as your old website
3) upload all images to GetSimple with the upload function of GS
4) copy the content of the old pages (not the complete files!) into the relevant pages

5) correct the links to the images because the images sit now in the folder \data\uploads

6) define the permalinks (= filenames like index.html) the same way you used to have them before (there is a german info how to get an URL-structure with .html in the german GS-Site; you can read that with google translator)

7) or create redirects for the old filenames to the new URLs in .htaccess
(any .htaccess-generator in the internet will help you to do that)
Make a template for each unique page as far as layout, styles, etc. is concerned. Then put the editable content (text and images, etc.) into the page using the admin area.
You can analyze the default themes included to understand how it works.
Migrating your site into GS shouldn't be that hard if you already have the code for your site (simply without GS).
That said, I'm sure somebody would be happy to help you as some paid work, we have a new section on the forum for that. If you feel like you're in way over your head, give it a glance: