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Full Version: php form & execute code on page issue for CRM API
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I use a CMR called
they have an api for a webform that I want to use to collect customer enquires.


I created a webpage placing the form html in it.

I created the process.php and put it inside of data/pages to send the data to the CRM.

However its blocked and will not process.

I downloaded exec-php but site then would not work at all.

Can someone help me, do not mind a fee to solve this for me.

PS is less annoying if anyone else wants to try it
Might want to post this in the Job Board section of our forum.
You will want to use components to execute code not the plugin you used.
thanks will try components - bless you Big Grin
You can also incorporate it into your theme function.pho file and make a for. Template. Post more specifics and code and we try to help you out.