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Full Version: I'VE DELETED ALL USERS !!!
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Hi there,

I have a huge problem T_T.
I've deleted all the users on my website ! I explain, I installed the multi-user plugin and then in order to test before giving the rights to other I wanted to test if I can delete me (even IF I AM THE LAST USER AND THE LAST ADMIN).
And yes.. it deleted me !!!! What can I do now ? I've done a lot of work on this and I really need your help now... I am totally lost because as I speak french I did many changes on several plugins in order to be as good as possible presented. Too much work to clone something on those files...

Vous trouverez une copie de tout le dossier
Renommez l'extension de tout type documeni utilisateur.xml.bak seulement. XML et copie tout en
laissez-moi savoir si cela a fonctionné
yup backups shouls have copies, if not you can recreate the files, let us know.

multi user has no concept of master admin user unfortunately.
Oui SHUK91,
le laisser tel quel pour savoir et nous allons vous aider.
Je suis à votre disposition!
Hi all Smile !

J'ai suivi tes instructions D.O. UN GRAND MERCI A TOI !!! Tout est à la normale à nouveau, heureusement !

Thanks Shawn, I followed the instructions of D.O. and it worked perfectly. By the way, nice job for this amazing work !

C'est un plaisir d'aider un ami français.
Quoi que vous êtes ici !

-Cheers from Italy-
Ohhh I'm Swiss Big Grin but I love Italy Wink
we are almost neighbours then aahahha