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Full Version: Block Parent Page click on a Submenu
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I'm using I18N to make hierarchical menus. It's simply amazing !!

But I wanted to know how to block the parent page on a submenu as I don't want the user click on it but click on the child page which dropped down.

Thanks ! Smile
You could try to find a solution for your problem with the examples of the I18N-Plugin

I know that there is way to acchieve it, but I don't have it at hand in the moment,

Cheers, Connie
Hi again,

In your link I read that :

"With $show =
I18N_SHOW_MENU all sub menus are shown independent of the current page,
I18N_SHOW_PAGES and I18N_SHOW_TITLES show all pages whether they are in the menu or not (the latter shows titles instead of menu texts) and
I18N_SHOW_LANGUAGE is like I18N_SHOW_NORMAL, but only shows pages in the current language. A tree node has the attributes parent, url (slug, String), title, menu (localized strings), children (array), current (true, if current page) and currentpath (true, if in path to current page).
(3.0+) The parameter $show can be defined as a combination of the following constants (e.g. instead of I18N_SHOW_NORMAL you can use I18N_FILTER_MENU | I18N_FILTER_CURRENT | I18N_OUTPUT_MENU)
I18N_FILTER_NONE - no filter (private pages are always filtered)
I18N_FILTER_CURRENT - show children of given page and all siblings and parents/siblings
I18N_FILTER_LANGUAGE - show only pages in current language
I18N_FILTER_MENU - show only menu pages
I18N_OUTPUT_MENU - output menu title
I18N_OUTPUT_TITLE - output page title
returns an array with breadcrumbs, each with attributes url, parent, menu, title.
Display functions:

get_i18n_navigation($slug, $minlevel=0, $maxlevel=0, $show=I18N_SHOW_NORMAL)
outputs the (localized) menu for the $slug (the menu tree returned by return_i18n_menu_data, same parameters).
(3.0+) get_i18n_navigation($slug, $minlevel=0, $maxlevel=0, $show=I18N_SHOW_NORMAL, $component=null)- you can specify a $component by name to do the rendering.

outputs the breadcrumbs each as " &raquo; <span class="breadcrumb"><a ...</a></span>"

outputs a link to the given $slug with the title in the current language as text."

I am almsot sure that the information I'm looking for is here, but as I'm not a native speaker and am totally suck in IT maybe you would find out the relevant info !

Thanks a lot !
SHUK: there's no native way of getting a clickable, dropdown menu.
i18n plugin takes care of generating structure of the menu, but doesn't create fancy effects.
You can achieve some things using javascript, and the question you made has already been asked before couple times.
Latest thread here: