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Full Version: Deploy from test server to production PROBLEM
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i have build a small website on a test server hosted on provider. The test site is

Now, when i completed the website, i decide to deploy on the production server. By FTP i copy the content of gs2 directory of test server into the root of production server. Here the result

Now, there are some problems.

  1. admin control panel warnings
  2. link to old test server by click on menu items and generic links (for example if you click on "Negozio" then redirect to

How can i resolve these problems?
Thanks in advice

We do not support iis.
Links in content will be hard coded to domain not relative.
thanks =)
yeah unfortunately, but you did not post any actual errors so no one can really help you.
Any suggestions about switching from local to deploy machine?
If links are not relative, the only option is to work directly on the HOST machine?
If this is the only option, how can i put the site in maintenance mode for users but not for admin?

Thanks again
Quote: What you can do:

make a backup of the “old” data-folder
load all the pages from /data and /data-subdirectories into a good editor, f.e. notepad++ (not Word!)
do a global search and replace, update by this the URLs of all objects which refer to http://www.olddomain.tld..
after that, upload these updated files to your server
( )

But it would be nice to have a plugin or script for this.
There is a maintenance plugin you can try. You would just have to run a global find replace across your page files, not a big deal.