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Full Version: site archive - zip format
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I have problem with zip archive which is default compression when available.
Had it with 3.1.2 and after update to 3.2.1 problem still exists.

Site archive created using zip have stripped all slashes from paths not only first one. Archive opened are inside flatted to one directory depth with concatenated subdirnames like "themeInnovationassetsimages". My site is published on root folder and get_root (or something like that returns "/". then all slashes are stripped from paths and archive is useless.
when i change config to force tar compression it works OK.

Please fix it soon or point me what cause my problem.

GetSimple: 3.2.1
Extensions enabled:
I18N 3.2.2
I18Nbase 3.2.2
I18NGallery 2.0
p01-contact 0.9.1
SEO Manager 1.0

Web server - Custom ISP Apache Build
PHP - 5.2.17
cURL, GD Lib, ZipArchive, SimpleXML, MOD Rewrite - Available
strange, do you have magic quotes on or something odd ?