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Full Version: GetSimple 3.2.2 Released
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Excellent! great work Shawn!
Thanks, I think it's time to focus on the wiki and get of this new stuff added and corrections made, lots of new stuff and it's probably 3versions out of date
Congratulations, and thanks Shawn for your hard work on polishing GS.
I call this one an annoyance release, lots of little old annoyances. And some stuff to help our sites not be easily identified as gs sites and targeted or google jerked for exploits. There are still a few more signatures, like readable non critical files in admin folders and pages that return something other than 403s, i hope to lock them down in 3.2.3
thanks for this terrific release. I'm starting to update my customers sites, and everything works great so far.
Many thanks for your hard work
Upgraded my site from 3.1 no probs at all

3.2.2 keeps showing me the warning that I use a non-Apache server
My hoster uses LiteSpeed but GS works fine under LS so the warning message doesn't bother me at all
You can disable that warning by adding this (or uncommenting by removing the '#') in gsconfig:

define('GSNOAPACHECHECK', true);

(If you're sure your site is secured properly, that is, your server software supports .htaccess or your xml data files -in pages, users, backups, etc.- cannot not be viewed with a browser)
Like carlos said the warning it that you might not be secure, not that it might not work. I do not recall if we ever added the link for more info to that.
Looks like I introduced a bug somehow, I know I thoroughly tested that, i must have changed something late that broke it.

EDIT: Actually I cannot reproduce maybe its that plugin, I think it still includes its own ckeditor or something.