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Hey guys, just released a major update to the former 'Simple iPhone Theme Changer'.

First change is I renamed it to Simple Mobile Theme Changer because I have added support for
both Android, and webOS mobile browsers. (Untested but should work without a problem!)

I have added a few options in the settings page, mainly the ability to type in what the name of the appropriate theme is for the matching browser.

Please let me know if you see any issues!

To install just unzip and copy files to 'site/plugins/'
Works great! I did however do a search/replace for "IPhone" to "iPhone" in your plugin, bit of a pedant like that.
haha me to, I can't believe I had it any other way! This will be fixed in my next release (v.1.0.1)

Does any one have any suggestions as far as features?

I haven't even attempted the options for the admin section..
Well, a picker for the admin would be nice. Maybe even a way to add more browser–theme combinations through there?
I wouldn't bother with an enable/disable setting, it wouldn't be used nearly enough and could be better handled in a different way. First I would put in a check to only change the theme if the "iPhone" folder is in place, if not then do nothing. This way, simply renaming the iPhone folder disables this plugin.
Also, so that a visitor using an iPhone has the option to see your usual site, initially set a "mobile" cookie to "1" and keep an eye out for a "?mobile=0" or similar to set the cookie to "0".
Wonderful.. Thanks

this plugin works with user agent detection?
Yes, there is no other way for PHP to detect a certain platform or browser.
ok, thanks, i'm a newbie in php, that explain my stupid question Wink
Thank You,
works beautifully.
Please notice I have updated this plugin! The new file is attached in the original post.
Is this plugin not working with 3.0 in general, or am I doing something wrong?
Extended the plugin so that it now detects "Blackberry". Upped version to 2.01.
If you over write a previous version, then you will need to reload the "Mobile Theme Changer" plugins page a couple of times before it syncs up with the XML file.
Just a heads up, the iGetSimple theme was my problem. It doesn't seem to work with 3.0.

Edit: Disregard, I'm an idiot!
Exactly what i'm looking for ! Thanks
Is it working in v3.0 (and 3.1)? If not, OWS_Matthew can you update it to v3, can still be handy. Or is there a simple way to do this with a little code in the main template?
Hey Mattew thank for this plugin, its working with gs 3.0 but one question, could you add a tablet user agent?
or a function to change to the default template.

I think this plugin is of great importance because more and more people use their phone to browse the internet
I'm sure I can add a tablet function.

Ill do some research and see what I can do!
is it possible to make plug-in, simply defining the mobile device, not an operating system
Oleg06 I'm not really sure what you mean by this?

Like not automatically changing the theme?

What would you like to accomplish with this?
your plugin defines only three mobile operating systems, but far more, perhaps something can be done to plug the mobile phone is different from a desktop computer. then I could do only 2 themes. I'm sorry, I translate Google.
Do you offer browser access to PC?

Oleg06 & Johonwaynl can you elaborate on what your wanting please?

I am a little confused!

OWS_Matthew Wrote:Oleg06 & Johonwaynl can you elaborate on what your wanting please?

I am a little confused!


Can i use mobile design via PC?
mobile version on PC.
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