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Full Version: F A Q for GetSimple, - What are they?
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Subsequent to some discussion about improving documentation I am planning a FAQ list for GetSimple. I want the these FAQs to be questions that actually get asked and need answering so please, if you remember (or still are) struggling with unanswered questions (which after all is the fate of all humanity) could you add them to this thread?
The first one I asked to myself right after the first install was

How to create different sidebars for different pages (per page)
* I think a question which comes back often is how to make a second menu (Hierarchical) in the page.

* Also how to make multiple content blocks on pages.

* Maybe you can make an example "too short question" with an answer an explanation of the information you have to give to get proper response. -not sure if that's something for the FAQ.

* Maybe some typical errors from when debug mode is active and the most logical situations.

* some stuff about htaccess config

You can give short answers and if longer required, you link to parts the wiki. It's best to do that a lot anyway.
Yeah i think FAQ should be very basic like common error on install.
The rest could be short guides.

But menu is definitely a common question although an advanced one.
A question from another thread which I think is often asked:

Quote:Can pages to have a different theme from the home page?
Quote:How to add an external link to the menu