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Full Version: I can't change the content in the backend
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Hi first of all thanks for the best cms I've known.

My problem is I can not change the content of the pages you've already created, apart when I create a new page is not save the contents of the textarea only the title.

Any Ideas ?

Thanks in advance

It is a permissions problem. You need to check either your CHMOD of the data folder, or the actual file owner. The files need to be owned by apache, or the equivalent.
I have the same problem can you please help me out? only the index page can be changed? its very wierd the chmod is 777 on the files in the data folder
Can you create a new page?
creating is not a problem but changing the contents is. the wierd thing is tho that changing the contents of the welkom pages works as it should. but every other page doesn't
Tell your host to chown -R apache:apache data

They should do that for the backups folder as well.