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Full Version: Non-breaking space
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Is it possible to insert a non-breaking space (&nbspWink in the page editor?
Maybe when you switch to code view, but I don’t think CKEditor supports it. However, there are very little places that actually need a non-breaking space so I don’t think it’s a mayor thing.
I don't know for other languages, but it's very useful in French typography.
Hmm, I haven’t often see spaces between words and punctuation marks. Does it work to put   in the code editor?
It inputs the space code automatically.
internet54 Wrote:It inputs the space code automatically.
CKEditor will never put non-breaking spaces in your content.

ZegnÃ¥t Wrote:Does it work to put   in the code editor?
I gave this a test, and it does. Just write your whole page and then press the “source” button. All   that you will insert there seem to make it into your pages.

If you always need them in certain cases it might be worth it making a plugin that automatically will swap normal spaces in certain cases with  . This will save time in the long run, and help clients to not have to edit the source output of CKEditor.
^ My editor allows spaces in the visual editor with out inserting &nbsp in the code.
It only does that with multiple spaces after each other and it will not even keep the whitespace from breaking (as either the first or the last space will be a normal one). I don’t think that’s what Patrick needs for French typography, which I would guess means he needs to put one (!) space between a word and its following punctuation mark.
You're right Zegnåt, I need to put a nbsp before these punctuation marks:
; : ? ! « »
and also at some other places, like before a unit or after an abbreviation.
As I stated, the only way would be by switching into source mode and putting them in by hand. Or forget about them when editing the page and make a plugin that will swap all spaces before the signs you just mentioned into non-breaking spaces.