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Full Version: include header and footer doesn't work
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So I'm trying to create a theme but when I try to use
<?php include('footer'); ?>
<?php include('header'); ?>
it doesn't work.

I already have a header.php and footer.php in my theme's directory. Am I missing something?
You could try writing .php behind the names. That should fix the include()s.
hmm, I think you guys need to fix your documentation Tongue

I tried that but it only works for the home page and doesn't work for any other pages

is there a way for get_theme_url() to return a php variable instead of an echo?
Al right, maybe try this?
This should target footer.php in what ever template is chosen. I think. I didn’t test it but it makes sense ;-)

I do agree, the documentation gets it wrong there.
thanks, that worked!
i fixed the documentation on the site... thanks, and sorry for the misleading information...