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Full Version: AB Test plugin
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For some serious websites / clients we could have an AB Testing plugin.

Is someone willing to develop one?

What does AB stand for?
(2014-01-31, 09:24:50)datiswous Wrote: [ rel="nofollow" -> ]What does AB stand for?


AB Testing improves websites (landing page) conversion rates.
In the nutshell, there are 2 versions of let's say a Home page.
One visitor gets 'Home page 01' to see, next one 'Home page 02' (50% rate).
Google Analytics will register all relevant conversion data for each page.
Page with the best conversion will became the final design.

Examples of some ready made scripts:


afaik there is nothing like this
(2014-02-04, 03:31:43)shawn_a Wrote: [ rel="nofollow" -> ]afaik there is nothing like this

That's why we need it for GS,

AB test plugins for WP .. >