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Full Version: Version check or api checks fail
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If you are having issues with api checks for plugins or version checking, this is how you can debug it.

Plugin api failures are identifiable by failed to check for upgrade failures on health check and plugins missing links to extend and latest version numbers and author links.

Here are globals you can add to gsconfig.php or configuration.php to debug or check the api.

For debug output, set $debugApi and $nocache to true and have debug mode on.

The other 2 are for increasing the timeouts, and disabling curl which will force fopen requests if available.

PHP Code:
$api_timeout 800// timeout in milliseconds for curl and fopen requests, default is 500
$debugApi true// debugging output info to debugLog
$nocache  true// debugging do not use cache
$nocurl   false// set true to disable curl 

You can post these logs in the forum to get help or diagnose issues.
It appears that since we switched to media Temple hosting, some api requests are blocked from specific hosts. We are in search of a solution. We are till unclear as to what or why some are not going through.