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Full Version: Submenus
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I have installed GS 2.01 RC3, and I'm using the cardinal template. I want to put submenus to each page parent. But that appears when the mouse is above the menu of the page parent.

I have reviewed:
i have copied to folder plugins the zegnat-multilevelmenu.php.

Modifi the template php, leaving it so:

...           <ul id="nav">

            <!-- <?php get_navigation(return_page_slug()); ?> -->
                        <?php menu_master(); ?>


but in the top menu, appears the page parent y submenu always.

Thanks y regards.

PD: edit because i have soved some things.
Step one: install the stable GetSimple release 2.01 instead of a Release Candidate.
Step two: if you’re using my plugin, do not use it inside of functions.php as well.
Step three: when you’re using my menu you should not have the <ul id="nav"> and </ul> left in your template, remove those.

After all this the menu should change to support sub pages. This does not make it an actually nice looking menu, this will need you to add more CSS. I can’t tell you how to do that now as I don’t know what you want your menu to look like.
Thanks Zegnåt.

I have solved one part, but How do for that only appears the submenu when the mouse is above the pageparent.?

That should be done by the template’s CSS. As the Cardinal theme does not have CSS that takes care of that you will have to write it yourself I’m afraid. Or get someone to write it for you, of course.
A lot of thanks Zegnåt.

I will have to practice CSS. Don't problem. Big Grin

almost the same problem ...
but your plugin doesn't work for me Sad
or, I don't know how it works ...
download a theme and see how it is done, then do so under its own template.
plugin did so too.