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Hello GetSimple community.

I once again submitted a few lines of code, that may come in handy in certain situations:

Edit Page is a very simple plugin which does nothing, but adding an "Edit this page" link below every page's content area.

I know that Edit This Page exists, but due to a lack of GSCOOKIEISSITEWIDE in GetSimple versions >= 3.1 it does not work at all.

To overcome this problem my code does not expect the user to be logged to the admin backend, but just prints this link to every page. I know that this is most probably not suitable for production pages, but may still be handy for maintenance or development situations where a lot of content is being added/altered while the website is offline.

If one of the core developers reads this: Is there any way to check if the admin user is logged in other than using GSCOOKIEISSITEWIDE?

I hope you'll enjoy it. Have a nice day!
Thank you very much!
I will have a look at it ;-)
I implemented it with the cookie_check() function now.
Works like a charm. The file has been updated to v 1.1.

Does it work with 3.2.3 version of GS?
Hi alex!
I have not tested it on a GetSimple version prior to 3.3.1, but I assume it may probably work. It depends on the function cookie_check(), that datiswous pointed me towards. I am quite new to GetSimple myself, so I do not know much of its history, but maybe some of the developers could say if this function existed in 3.2.3.

Apart from that you could just try it and if it works report back so I can decrease the minimal version on the plugin's page.