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Full Version: Problem with nanoslider captions
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Hi all
I tried looking for this issue but couldn't find it in the forums - although I'm not very good at searching in a foreign language. Sorry if that has already been posted.

I am setting up a slideshow with nanoslider from a web folder. here is the sample code:

Now it's all working fine but the captions are not showing correctly:
the first one (Type_here_Something) reads Type[SPACE]here_something and the second one reads that_is_very_good
If, however, I remove the _ from the captions, both will read:
typeheresomething and thatisverygood

so basically either there are _ instead of [SPACE], or all the words are together with no space.

any idea please?

EDIT: straight after posting, it occurred to me I could put %20 instead of spaces, and it works. a bit an annoyance, but hey.
leaving the post here in case someone has a better suggestion, or the same issue.