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Full Version: I18N Search for News Manager Posts
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Try doing the patch in post #5 on this thread.
(2019-12-11, 21:24:49)Carlos Wrote: [ -> ]Try doing the patch in post #5 on this thread.

Total genius! - just do as Carlos suggests and News search then works as expected.

Many thanks!
(2019-08-21, 18:06:21)rjgaur Wrote: [ -> ]Hi there,

I have been using this plugin in for a while but I have now encountered an issue after changing the URL structure. To display language in the URL, a language code is appended at the end, followed by the name of the post such as

However when I run search results, the language code is not added to the URL. It display as

Would be very grateful if a fix could be suggested for this.

This is what worked finally. Change was made in searchresult.php
$link = str_replace("/news/post/","/en/news/post/",$link);
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