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Full Version: v3.3.2 Beta Test
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In the past Chris did a mass email to major (example 100 forum posts or more) users, to test the beta. Maybe you can try that.

Some users might only come to the forum when they have a problem and after that leave, so they will not read these mesages.
Its on facebook , the blog and twitter.

We also have a newsletter, but I don't have time to deal with all that atm.
Hi Shawn.

Thanks for the latest release.

I'm using 3.3.1 with CKEditor patched to v4.3.2 and don't want to lose the functionality of that. Will you be releasing a 3.3.2 with latest CKE? Is there a reason why the latest CKE is not used as default?
already is, see the patch thread in beta forums.
Excellent! Thank you.
I just downloaded and checked 3.3.2 - it contains obsolete CKE 3.6.6.

Anyone who wants the patched version can get it at