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Full Version: GS 3.3.1 (create content/menu) errror
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Dear all,

now i like to create new site with v3.3.1 instead of the 3.2.x.

If i make plain installation i get no errors. Now if i like to add content to the plain system like new menu positions (home, service etc.) i can not do that than the point "page options" are inactive and not usable.

Whats wrong ? On the same server v3.2.x works fine.

Hope anybody can help.

Thanks in advance.

best regards,

You have a js error from a plugin, did you update all your plugins?
your browser console will tell you the error.
i found the bug :-) if i disable the "scroll to top" plugin it works again
scroll to top plugin i think the plugin has any bug.

I´d like a script like this in 3.2.3 too but now i see it not works in the new version 3.3.1 too... Sad
ill see what broke it and see if we can restore it.