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Full Version: v3.3.2 error in check version
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Yesterday I installed the latest version of GetSimple the V3.3.2 in my provider OVH. During the installation, everything was OK, all required modules were at "green".
When I'm in the administration, in the Support page, I have the error message: "GetSimple Version 3.3.2 Upgrade Check Failed.".
I have no plugin, just the standard installation.
Why I have this error message? Is this a configuration problem on the server?
And I am not the only one : error 3.3.0 Upgrade Check Failed
Thank's for your help !
try Flush Cache in settings
i have a hosting in ovh and everything is working..
if you dont want to upgrade check in gsconfig.php uncomment

# Disable header version check
define('GSNOVERCHECK', true);
I have flush the cache, but I have always the same error...