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Full Version: GetSimple CMS One-Click Package
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Hi everybody,

Since GetSimple CMS downloads are increasing and becoming one of the top demanding CMS. Anix Host member of Web Services Solutions Group and managed by ZDC Corporation has created a One-Click Installer Package for GetSimple CMS through Softaculous.

You can easily saving time install your GetSimple CMS package in seconds and publish your site online.

For more information visit:
Hello everybody,

We are receiving many requests concerning our GetSimple Hosting however we're asking for your feedback and suggestions. We appreciate your sincere cooperation for this issue.
feedback of what?

no clue how softalucous works, i have been trying to work with them since last year on getting in their installer and they never got their permissions sorted or got back to me.
I have Softaculous included at my hosting, but I don't see GS in it, or is this depended on the hosting company?
not really sure why they would include non official bundles.
good. uppp. i want idea