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Full Version: Website display suddenly empty???
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Hi there,

I was working on a GetSimple website with some plugins and the Bootstrap Theme and all went great, until I tried to make a newsblog with i18n_Special_Pages (and most of the other i18n extensions, & base). When I refreshed the Page Views, suddenly the Bootstrap Theme doesn't appear, not even the header & navigation etc, although all the content is still there & the template is unmodified.

I looked at the error log, and there are no errors relating to this problem.
I flushed the cache to see if perhaps it was a refresh error, but in vain.

The website is at & runs on a GS installation of version 3.3.2 (latest). I have no idea what caused this problem, but it seems for some reason the website pages are not even fetched (neither the PHP nor the HTML)...

Please help, I'm completely lost as to what could have caused this.
There most certainly will be a fatal error somewhere, this is a php white screen.

Read the wiki section on "debugging"