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Full Version: Mac Folder permission!
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Hello there, i have a problem with Xampp and Folder permission on Mac.

If I have a folder /htdocs/mywebsite - I right click on mywebsite and select "Get Info"

under "Sharing and Permissions" I then click the padlock and change the permissions of all users to "Read and Write"

Most importantly, I then click the little settings icon next to the +/- icons and select "Apply to enclosed items"

This then obviously acts similar to chmod -R on linux and recursively applies write permissions to all items under "mywebsite"

But i still have a problem in :
PHP Code:
Warningchmod(): Operation not permitted in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/mywebsite/admin/install.php on line 44 

Get simple version 3.3.2
OSX Maverick

How can i fix it?
You can check your php ini for disabled_functions chmod

If you have safe mode on in php then the owner must be the webserver also.

I have the same permission problem in OS X Yosemite, but can't solve the problem.

XAMPP works perfect!

1. I add a folder 'portfolio' in:

2. Copy all the GS-files to the portfolio-dir.

Try to install GS, but I see permission warnings.

- Hope solve this permission-problem with this 2 commands in the terminal:
sudo chown -R christophehollebeke:admin portfolio
sudo chmod -R 777 portfolio

(christophehollebeke is my username on the Mac)

But don't work Sad
See screenshot:

Who can help me??
I have a solution.

I install MAMP and this works perfect Smile
do the notices prevent install ? They shouldn't.

either an ownership problem or permissions problem.
or chmod is in disabled functions
disabled_functions are empty in Xampp's php.ini .

But with MAMP it works well, without permission issues Wink