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Full Version: GetSimpleCMS V3.3.3 released
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Version 3.3.3 (2014-8-21) RELEASE NOTES

FIX #894 component slugs case sensitive -sarnaiz
FIX #891 Ckeditor toolbar newline issue -cnb
FIX #867 pages cache (pages.xml) not updated after UNDO operation, in page edition
FIX #866 GSSUPPRESSERRORS constant typo -flexphperia SUPRESSERRORS still works but is now deprecated
FIX #825 setup form still showing on install error
FIX #821 filetime uses ctime -lnickel
FIX #818 scrolltofixed assets -mvlcek
FIX #805 component xml corruption -emanwebdev
FIX #623 Only Https for Admin issues
cke_patch will be updated and released after several days
Great job! Glad to see you still sticking to it Shawn!
heh you should update your forum title, its corrupt now after that upgrade long ago.
Thanks so much for all your work on this - GS is more reliably maintained than a ton of other (much larger) apps I use!

Just updated ~10 sites from 3.2.3 to 3.3.3, and all are looking great so far, and the update process was absolutely painless.