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Full Version: v3.2.1 "You do not have permission..."
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I've been asked to make some changes to a site using GS version 3.2.1. I have the admin login and can edit pages. But when I click the "Plugin Management" link at the bottom of the page, I get "You Do Not Have Permissions To Access This Page". I would like to add a plugin. Any advice how to resolve?
It probably has the multi user plugin enabled and your login is not the super admin.
That may be the case. On the General Settings page there is a link for "User Management". I click there and get the same permission error.

So, how can we regain control of this website?
If you have access to FTP on that server and are able to change files, then just open your /data/users/<username>.xml file, change appropriate settings, save and you're done.
or edit plugins.xml and turn off the plugin
Thanks to all for that info. My friend is still trying to track down the original developer, so we may still be able to get the GS admin login. I still don't have a FTP or cPanel login, either. The domain is in my friend's name, so the webhost should help.