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Full Version: GetSimpleCMS V3.3.4 released
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Fixes excessive logging in 3.3.3, and other very minor things.

FIX #904 new page nonindex existing-url php notices
FIX #903 fix undo for create new page
FIX #902 Missing argument 1 for getRegexUnicode() php notices
FIX #929 admin panel sidebar on Safari, weird transition
Interesting! Just jumped in: Seems like I have to try out GS after a long time being absent to find out how it looks and works and to check for my wishes 2 years ago. ;-)
Not much has changed, most of those things are slated for 3.4 still, it has been a 2 year development phase due to the shift of developers and maintainers and svns. But 3.3.x branch is still active for bugfixes.
Thanks for the quick advise! So I may wait until 3.4 is in late Beta or RC status to see where GS is heading compared to 3.1.2 (last version I actively used). I won't ask for roadmap, just let me wish I can try 3.4 this year ;-)
3.3 already has tons of improvements if you're a developer and security fixes etc.
But not many of the above large features
I'm currently using WP for most of my projects (private) but are interested to again comprehensively test GS, because I like simplicity. Will see if I have time this year ;-)
@shawn: tried upgrading the 'Stable version with CKEditor patched to v4.3.2' (since I need proper working IE11 functionality) but by the looks of it that is still on 3.3.3.
Yeah it is I have not merged yet. Does it work for ie11, I have only tested ie10
I'll try to merge stable in tomorrow
cke_patch is updated
(2014-10-11, 09:11:12)shawn_a Wrote: [ rel="nofollow" -> ]Yeah it is I have not merged yet. Does it work for ie11, I have only tested ie10

Thanks for updating that version.

That patched version of CKEditor seems to work perfectly on IE11. It seems to have cleared up the reported discomforts that using the latest versions of IE brought to the admin of GS (using the compatibility mode on IE11 wasn't an option any more either of course).

If it is in any way an option to integrate that to GS before 3.4 I would be all for that. But the same time the patched version of stable will also tide us over in the meantime. Only downside to that is new users who might not notice the sticky (I was among them too) and come to the conclusion that GS doesn't work properly on IE11.

Talking about IE11, I noticed a small layout problem in IE11 concerning the 'add to menu' block on page options in IE11, see the attached screenshot.

Ill take a look.

No new features are being added to 3.x, cke upgrade would be a feature, and would break some plugins, maybe we can make a plugin to update it.

Any significant reason to update from 3.3.0 if no issues are being seen or the bugs aren't an issue? (i.e. security, performance).

-Rob A>
You have to look at all the release notes and decide for yourself.

If your site is chugging along and you do not use admin, should be ok, i do not recall any critical security issues.