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Full Version: <body id = "index"> does not change
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Gentlemen, I have a problem.

I have the latest version of getsimplecms.
Gs installed a blog.

Now the problem:

Upon entry into the post or category: <body id = "index"> does not change.

What could be the problem?

What I mean is that at the post did not show a div.
However, if the <body id = "index"> does not change I can not apply the rule only to the party post.
First of all, try to use the new (supported) version of GS Blog:
The one you use is no longer supported for some time and the original creator is also not active anymore in the forums.
Try posting your problem in the support topic of the plugin:

If not, change the topic name in something better suitable, like: Problem with GS blog ...

I actually don't understand your problem, but maybe someone else does.