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Full Version: Failure to install
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This is the second attempt to get GS up and running. The first attempt failed at the point where the directory contents are ftp'd to the server. I mucked with permissions until files went across but subsequently ran into issues with a theme. I have done a clean install on a newly formatted SD card and get the following
Command: cd "/var/www/admin/template"
Error: Directory /var/www/admin/template: no such file or directory
Command: cd "/var/www/admin"
Error: Directory /var/www/admin: no such file or directory
Command: cd "/var/www"
Response: New directory is: "/var/www"
Command: mkdir "admin"
Error: mkdir /var/www/admin: permission denied
Command: mkdir "/var/www/admin/template/js/ckeditor/plugins/wsc/dialogs"
Error: mkdir /var/www/admin/template/js/ckeditor/plugins/wsc/dialogs: no such file or directory
Command: cd "/var/www/admin/template/js/ckeditor/plugins/wsc/dialogs"
Error: Directory /var/www/admin/template/js/ckeditor/plugins/wsc/dialogs: no such file or directory
etc etc no files were transferred.
The setup is a raspberry pi, raspbian latest, as issued by the router, latest apache and php from, latest GS. it appears everything is owned by root and set to 755. I am using filezilla from my mac. I have spent way more then 5 min searching the forum and see people have had all sorts of permission issues but I haven't seen anything as basic as this.

Thanks in advance
Write protection or some kind of security?
(2014-12-12, 10:13:32)shawn_a Wrote: [ -> ]Write protection or some kind of security?

thats my guess but why and what should GS be doing .. not a 5 min install :-)
(2014-12-12, 11:32:00)adc Wrote: [ -> ].. not a 5 min install :-)

I regularly install GS in less than five minutes, but I know that my Apache and PHP settings work (same for a commercial hosting, most of the time).

The problem with installing Apache and PHP on a home server (especially on Debian) is that you can't stop at simply installing – there is a good deal of set-up to do before your basic working server becomes a properly configured server. Much of the configuration adjustment can be quite mysterious to someone not familiar with it. Minor changes have big effects.

So, before you point the finger at GS, try installing on commercial (even most free) hosting, where five minutes is easily achievable. Then wade through a few tutorials and man pages on Apache, PHP and related stuff and check your rpi configuration.

Nothing personal – I went through the same learning curve when I first tried being my own server administrator at home.
yeah this has nothing to do with gs you posted logs showing directory not exist and permission errors.
We don't create those directories, so you have file system issues I think
Almost certainly permissions on linux. I have converted my former Windows XP computers to Mint Linux which is a Debian/Ubuntu based distro and I used the instructions from Step4 here
to set the permissions for the wwwfolders in xampp so that it would actually let me do stuff.

There are tons of tutorials specifically for setting up a miniserver on the pi
We have a few people here that are running on raspi, have you searched for that specifically ?
But definitely share what you find, maybe we can make a guide on the wiki.
Ill probably buy one of those new tiny ones.
Thanks guys .. you have told me what I needed to know. I am running another apache server but a bit rusty. I'll document what I do and see what I find out.
Thanks again (forums rock!)