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Full Version: Feature request: Choose landing page
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I'd love to have the ability to choose the landing page or choose (or change) which page becomes the index, perhaps by clicking in a box in the admin pages list.

It is something I've needed for a number of sites and I've always found work-arounds - but usually complicated ones :-)

Could it ever become a feature or is it already easy to do?
I can add it to 3.4
(2015-01-20, 09:18:01)shawn_a Wrote: [ -> ]I can add it to 3.4

Thank you shawn_a, that would be brilliant if you can.
Not so long ago I was in need to change the the landing page to a different one. It struck me that suddenly I couldn't find the option to do that and I was 100% sure it was there... Turns up it actually wasn't ._.
Yeah I don't really understand the use case, i mean just change the index content or add a redirect in gs or htaccess. But whatever.
There can be multiple reasons to change the home page. For instance once it turned up that the current landing page wouldn't actually be used at all, instead another page should be made as landing page. One of my clients wanted to be able to change the landing page from time to time to bring attention to some new stuff, so I whipped up a glue&ducttape plugin just for that.

Copying and pasting not only content but also metadata (even more of it if there are custom fields) is needlessly long, troublesome and error prone. OFC one can just tweak the xmls, but not Everyone ^^ is a geek
This is already in 3.4 btw, added a few days ago.

however it is still a user config, a plugin would be needed to make it end user friendly, say in settings or a flag make this page index or something. Ideally index should probably be an alias to a page.
Just tried GSINDEXSLUG in latest 3.4a and it does the the job just fine and will be a great solution for me. But I've built sites for users who want to easily switch the landing page for special announcements - even just Happy Christmas!

So I'm right with your idea that a plugin could be a good way to make this feature user friendly, but how about a dropdown in the page options area to select any other page to transfer to (much like the list in the Parent Page dropdown)?

Maybe such a option might not be easy for all pages due to possible regirection loops, but how about just having such a dropdown for the index page?