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Full Version: How to Install GetSimple Local on Windows 7 Running XAMPP
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1. Install XAMPP (default C:)
2. Unzip the file: to a folder "GetSimpleCMS_3.3.4"
3. For simplicity, rename GetSimpleCMS_3.3.4 folder to "getsimple"
4. Put the whole folder into C:\xampp\htdocs\
5. Fire up XAMPP and get Apache and MySQL running
6. In your browser, type: https://localhost/getsimple/admin/install.php

Something detailed like this would be nice to have in the install instructions for the technically challenged... (like me!)


p.s.- I don't know if this makes a difference, but on my efforts of trying to get it installed, I noticed that the getsimple folder was read-only. I right click on the main folder, selected properties, and unchecked the read-only option (including sub-directories).
you goto
not install.php
10 I'm an old FORTRAN programmer (you know, explicit except for the integer letters I, J, K, L, M, or N). I listed the steps that worked for me.

If the "proper" syntax is: "https://localhost/getsimple/admin/"
I'm guessing that the address defaults and looks for the install.php

In any case, it would be a good addition to the install instructions. I do believe that I can change that on the wiki myself, but I'm not sure how to do it. Why? GOTO 10 <insert smile>
It's just easier to do plus there are other files that run for upgrades that could possibly be skipped.

The instructions are fairly clear if you want add how to I stall a lamp, it's kind of not the scope of Gs as there are tons of them
(2015-01-25, 05:34:23)PDaniels Wrote: [ -> ]In any case, it would be a good addition to the install instructions. I do believe that I can change that on the wiki myself, but I'm not sure how to do it.

You can just go to here (while you're logged in the forum):

Then you can click on the edit button for every part of text. Do check what is still needed and if your version of the story is relevant for everybody.
yeah i think there is a guides section, this would be something like that.
screenshots are great
I refined the install instructions. I did take some screenshots and I'll try to update the wiki when I get back online in about a week or so. Thanks!

Installing Local GetSimple on Windows 7 XAMPP

1. Install XAMPP. My install of choice is the "Lite" version from SourceForge: "xampp-portable-win32-5.6.3-0-VC11.7z"
2. Unzip and put xampp folder to the drive of choice (C:)
3. Unzip the file: This will give you a folder GetSimpleCMS_3.3.4. Inside this folder is another folder with the same name (this one has the files)
4. For simplicity, rename internal GetSimpleCMS_3.3.4 folder to getsimple
5. Put the getsimple folder into C:\xampp\htdocs\
6. Fire up XAMPP and get Apache and MySQL running
7. In your browser, type: https://localhost/getsimple/admin/
I'm just getting around to playing with GetSimple again. I didn't update the wiki.

I installed the latest version of XAMMP and GetSimple using my own instructions with no problems, until I got around to changing the password. For grins and giggles, I was working with Chrome on localhost and I got an error message about certificates. I need a certificate for localhost? Hmm.

To resolved this, I typed this into my browser (chrome):


Clicked on Enable the Allow invalid certificates from resources loaded from localhost.

It looks like I'm good to go now.
I have never had to do this, I can only imagine this is an https issue, why would you use https on localhost, nm i guess so your links are correct when uploaded..

I'd prefer to just redirect them in htaccess to http

you could also do a shortcut switch
It's been awhile. I went and reinstalled version 3.3.7 with my old instructions. They still work.

When I changed my password, I got an error message, "CSRF Detected!" I was running in VirtualBox. I got out of admin and re-logged in, changed the default password, and everything was fine. Easy fix.