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Full Version: Assigning pages to categories
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I'd appreciate if someone tells me if there is a possibility to use pages as blog posts: the page should be assigned a category; categories would be menu items, so when someone clicks it, all pages that belong to that category are displayed - like blog posts, one below the other.

I couldn't find that possibility, so I thought I should ask; I might have missed something, or there may be a plugin that allows it.

A possible way could be using the I18N Search plugin, with page parents as categories, like:

I suppose that with I18N Special Pages or I18N Custom Fields (combined with I18N Search) you can also do stuff like this but with some additional field instead of using the page parent.
Hi, Carlos; thank you for reply; but I opted for "News Manager" plugin, that I found in the meantime.

There is a couple more of silimar plugins (GS-Blog and GetSimple blog), and although none of them has exactly what I had in my mind, News Manager seemed to be the closest match, and works fine so far.