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Full Version: Subdirectory install path problem
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I've just uploaded a new 3.3.4 install to a sub directory, just like I always do, but in Settings I get:
PHP Code:
Website URL:
Our suggestion is: 
I cant work out why I'm getting the extra /
in .htaccess I'm getting RewriteBase /subdomain as expected/

Any thoughts
Maybe you're accessing your admin panel like
(2015-03-03, 08:15:43)Carlos Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe you're accessing your admin panel like

Carlos - of course you are bang on! Many thanks.
Too late at night after a long day here. Thanks for the reminder, I'm sure I've done this before :-)
We should fix this in core.
normalize slashes in suggest_site_path, unless // is ever valid or preffered of course, I do not know