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Full Version: Innovation theme: Getting rid of reset.css?
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at the moment I try to redesign my style.css and therefore I downloaded one of my pages as page.html to my desktop and a style.css next to it. I edited the path to the local style.css and it works fine.

BUT: the links in the article of the page do not work! And simple text cannot be marked with the mouse to inspect the element in Firefox.

Without access to a reset.css the page seems to be dead. When going online, it works.

Can anybody help me: why this construction with a reset.css? Do I need it? Couldn't I delete it and make all formattings in style.css?

And: what magic information is contained in reset.css that makes the site looking like dead in the browser without it?

reset loads before your style, to reset all styles to a known default and override browsers defaults.
(2015-03-29, 03:28:05)Hypertexter Wrote: [ -> ]Can anybody help me: why this construction with a reset.css? Do I need it? Couldn't I delete it and make all formattings in style.css?

You should download a copy of reset.css to your desktop and edit your page.html with that included along with your style.css. Once you read over whats inside reset.css, I think you'll understand why it's basically universally accepted as the standard for starting any set of stylesheets.
Hope that helps!
An alternative to reset.css is nomalize.css
look at your site, or in a locally extracted copy of the gs zipfile....

(archive or site root)/theme/Innovation/assets/css/reset.css

it's there. download it if you need do then add it to the local html file you're working on.. it should be the first stylesheet loaded.

thank you for all your posts!

OK, I can save reset.css locally for testing and it seems to do important things - but sometimes I find it annoying. For example, <em> tag results in: nothing (instead of an italic font) in Innovation theme, there seems to be an override in reset.css.

normalize.css looks interesting. Could I replace the specific reset.css with the standard normalize.css (3.0.2) without getting kerfuffle?

sounds like innovation is missing an em style
Yes, that's right. No style for em in the standard reset.css. I thought I had changed something, but no.

I tried to use the recommended normalize.css, but I get the same effect like without the reset.css - my browser (Firefox) is freezing and the elements are not accessible or usable. There must be something elementary in the reset.css which is needed by Innovation theme or by Getsimple...