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Full Version: How to load existant function in a plugin to use it for the plugin?
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I would like to personalise the plugin multiple level menu of Zegnåt, but i need to load the meta keyword function.
Someone knows how do this?

I found this one theme_functions :
function get_page_meta_keywords() {
        global $metak;
        echo stripslashes(htmlspecialchars_decode(@$metak, ENT_QUOTES));

and this

$keywords = stripslashes(htmlspecialchars_decode(@$metak, ENT_QUOTES));

Maybe it's possible to use this...?

here, it's for metakeyword, but if you know how do what i want, it could be used for all function present yet in GS Wink

thanks for help

Anybody could help me... Sad
If you look at the code of my plugin there are 2 lines starting with the following:
echo '<li'.
These lines draw the actual menu items.

To put in the content you’ll see I use things like $link->url and $link->menu. $link->meta should be the tags box, so putting that one in the echo line would make it print the text you want it to.