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Full Version: Forums Upgraded
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Forums were upgraded, there are some issues with editor plugins i cannot disable for some reason, and the style is messed up.
For some reason the templates were auto updated and now there is a broken div somewhere know king the site out of the wrapper. Very annoying I'll fix it later when I can find the damn thing.

And images seems to be gone.

There is also a wysiwyg editor that is t even installed as a plugin, so I have no idea how the hell it is being inserted.
Yeah it's all messed up. wish I coud help

that seems to be your rogue div. unless "container" should be inside "gssw-header" then theres one header closing div right before "container".
Yeah that's what I thought also I addded that comment also but it seemed to not fix it.
I'll check again
I got caught up with something and won't make it home until late, sorry I expected to have the time to fix this. I didn't post a warning because the forums were crashing and I decided to take advantage and update in case we were being attacked. There were a bunch of security updates.
I think the comment about a div(class="upper") is related to this issue.

If there is an open div in the header template then those 2 closing divs should be affecting div(class="upper") and div(id="panel") instead of div(id="panel") and div(id="header").
Thanks for the help guys I'll check into it, it's a bit hard to deal with mybb templates there are so many.
It appears that there are 3 divs being closed that are not open.
Ill have to reduce this down by template somehow
I think i got it fixed up a little bit for now
for me, the panel between header and forum breadcrumb is too tall.... (fx37 w/ abp)..

you also doing the wiki? it's dead atm with status 500.
yeah the whole site was jacked beyond recognition and unusable, its legible now, there are a lot of little things messed up still.

hmm not sure why the wiki is down

Looks like ill be working on that also today.
wiki is back up

I might take forums down and reinstall from scratch, there seems to be a lot of crap hanging around from when shove installed it, and just old crap that is not even tracked in mybb, so dangerous.

I might also have to restore the default theme, and rework it, there are alot new features, we went up 2 minor verisons.
I added the 1.8 theme to the options

you can goto

And change board style and check it out, it needs a little adjustment to match our theme, but it seems to be pretty well laid out and very similar to our theme.
ok well replaced the getsimple theme with a new one based on 1.8 and started restyling it to match.
Should be starting to look pretty good now.
Great work, Shawn.
New posts not marked
not marked how / where?

forums have icon, post titles are bold and have green arrow.
whats missing ?

new individual posts indication?

I know post titles are missing..
my forum looks
what kind of right? Smile
Pick default theme in options or at the bottom of pages
The default theme is totally wide and centered. The one called --getsimple is unfinnished (as far as I know only ul/ol margin), the one called mybb1.8 the same.

I assume you're working on the --getsimple one as the default one?
Yeah those margins are all wacky
Is anywhere out there who can confirm that tha forum is really slow?
Often it stops working and reloading is needed. For me it's not really fun to work with. :-(
nope, i use it all day no probs, could be one of the js assets, like facebook or something

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Also no problems here , forums are still fast
only this morning the site was unavailble for a while..
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